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GT30-GT45 GT30-GT45 Garrett turbochargers are designed for commercial diesel engine applications rated from 200 hp to 600 hp. They are typically installed in engines used in on-highway and off-highway vehicles, construction equipment, farming, marine and stationary applications.

The GT product line includes a vast array of standard features and design options, including numerous compressor trims and turbine sizes. High-pressure ratio and ultra-high-pressure ration compressors incorporating boreless and threaded bore compressor wheels may be used to significantly increase boost pressure without sacrificing durability. Turbocharger efficiency and transient response are further improved with selected options.

GT30, GT32, GT35, GT37, GT40, GT42 and GT45 Pressure ratio vs Diesel Engine Rated Power Benefits

  • Compact, efficient physical design.
  • High reliability.
  • Flexible: options to meet any cutomer need.


  • High efficient physical design.
  • High response turbines.
  • Engine-oil-lubricated hydrodynamic bearings.
  • Non-contact labyrinth seals.
  • Undivided turbine housings.
  • Meridianally divided pulse urbine housings.


  • Turbine bypassing valving-single or dual bypass.
  • Boreless compressor whell technology.
  • Mixed flow turbine stage.
  • Electronic bypass flow control.
  • Ball bearing technology.
  • Variable geometry turbine (VNT) flow control.
  • GT30V-GT45V double axle vane configuration.
  • Engine decompression braking compatible.
  • Advanced VNT concept technology available.

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