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Boost Adviser

Garrett Boost Adviser App

Available on the App Store

  • Available on iPhone OS – Ver. 3.2 and above
  • Also on iPad iOS - Ver. 3.2 and above

Android app on Google Play

  • Mobile phones and Tablets running – Android version 2.2 and above


Web App

Boost Adviser Online App

Boost Adviser Online
(requires Flash Player)

Watch a video tour of the app

Boost Adviser video tour

Complete post

  • The Garrett Boost Adviser gives you the option to analyze the compressor map for a turbo by plotting parameters in it. You could also easily zoom in and zoom out the map with your fingers.
  • The Garrett Boost Adviser gives you a snapshot of the parameters like pressure ratio, corrected airflow, etc... based on your engine parameters. Turbos are matched based on these output parameters only.
  • The Garrett Boost Adviser takes few inputs about your engine before giving the recommendations and offers help for each of them.
  • The Garrett Boost Adviser is designed keeping usability in mind and offers a lot of cool controls. Try them out while you navigate the tool.
  • The Garrett Boost Adviser is the ideal guide for finding the right turbocharger for your car. Based on your engine parameters, it presents you with matching Turbochargers from the Garrett product catalog.

What you can find using this app?

  • Horsepower at Crankshaft
  • Torque at Crankshaft
  • Boost Gauge Pressure
  • Intake Manifold Temp
  • Lb/Min Corrected Airflow
  • Pressure Ratio

Tool Description

The Garrett Boost Adviser is a tool developed by Honeywell which helps you identify Garrett turbochargers that meet your goals. You may download it from the iTunes store if you have an iPhone or iPad, from Google Play if you have an Android phone or tablet or use it directly online opening the Web App on the left.

It is really easy to use. Install the tool, key in a few parameters for your engine and your horse power goal. In a matter of seconds, the Garrett Boost Adviser will return expected results and recommended Garrett turbochargers. It also guides you to the nearest distributors available to buy the matched turbo. You could even email the results to yourself for review or share them on your Facebook page.

The following input values are required

  • The maximum power you are expecting from your engine as measured at the flywheel.

    Target Horse Power

  • Valves per Cylinder

    Valves per Cylinder

  • Fuel type used

    Fuel type used

  • Intercooler Setup

    Intercooler Setup

  • Mid range and Peak power RPM

    Mid range and Peak power RPM

  • Single or Twin turbine setup

    Single or Twin turbine setup

  • Zip code where the vehicle needs to operate

    Zip code (where vehicle will operate)

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