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GT10-12 New passenger car requirements are becoming more stringent in terms of cost, fuel consumption, emissions and noise. Turbochargers can make a vital contribution to meeting these requirements through overhall size and weight reduction, part count reduction, bearing configuration, reduced inertia and improved aerodynamic perfomance.

The Garrett GT12 turbocharger is the first product of a complete range of turbochargers designed specifically for passenger cars to meet or exceed tha latest industry requirements.

GT12 Pressure ratio vs Diesel Engine and Gasoline Engine Rated Power Benefits

  • Improved response during transient engine operation.
  • Smaller size to fit tighter packaging requirements.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Lower emissions.
  • Greater reliability due to fewer parts.


  • Only 9 parts in center housing and rotating assembly compared to 16 in a conventional turbocharger.
  • Reduced weight and inertia.
  • Smaller dimensions.
  • New bearing system with improved rotor dynamic behavior.


  • Integral manifold turbine housing.
  • VNT turbine flow control.
  • Wastegate.
  • Water or aircooled bearing housing.
  • High-temperature capability.

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