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GTA47-55 Since 1953, Garrett has pioneered the development and application of low cost, high perfomance turbochargers with robust design, high temperature capability and wide compressor ranges.

Incorporating an upgraded bearing system, designated for maximum durability, and the latest aerodynamic improvements, the Garrett GTA47 through GTA55 turbochargers are custom matched for comercial applications to 700 hp. Recent developments in aerodynamic design allow for an inertia reduction of up to 25%. Recent upgrades for improved resistance to external loads, high degree of commonality of components and overlapping characteristics afford great design flexibility.

All models use patented, boreless compressor wheel technology to increase compressor wheel life at high pressure ratios.

GTA47, GTA50 and GTA55 Pressure ratio vs Diesel Engine Rated Power Benefits

  • GReduced transient emissions.
  • Improved fuel consumption.
  • Greater reliability.


  • High response / low inertia turbines.
  • Engine-oil-lubricated hydrodynamic bearings.
  • Dynamic shaft seals.
  • Boreless compressor wheel.


  • Water-cooled bearing housing.
  • Water-cooled open volute turbine housing (marine application).
  • Water-cooled wastegated turbine housing (marine application).
  • Water-cooled divided volute turbine housing (marine application).
  • Wastegated turbine housing.
  • Center housing mount.
  • Ultra high pressure ratio aerodynamics.
  • Electronic control of wastegate actuator.
  • High efficiency, "mixed flow" turbine wheel (GTA50X).

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