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How to identify a Toyota turbocharger

Sticker showing the Toyota Serial Number on the valve Sticker showing the Toyota Part Number on the valve Sticker on the compressor housing showing the full Toyota Part Number and the Serial Number

In the old TOYOTA turbos, the turbo part number comes with a sticker stuck to the turbo actuator, although in the present turbos it is placed on the compressor housing.

  1. If the part number appears on the actuator you will see 5 numbers, for example: 54090, to complete the part number you just have to add in front 17201, to make the complete part number, 17201-54090.
  2. For the newer turbos the compete part number appears on the compressor housing next to the serial number.

In the case that the sticker is lost or missing you must try to identify the turbo searching for the part number inscription on the turbine housing, this is a 5 digit number like 54030 (Note: This is not the turbo part number, just the number of the turbine housing.) Contact us with the turbine housing part number and we will try to identify the turbo.

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