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Date Title
March 16, 2020Measures against the coronavirus spread
March 04, 2019Come join TurboMaster at the Motortec 2019 Trade Fair in Madrid
December 21, 2018Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019
December 20, 2017Merry Christmas and Wonderful 2018!
October 16, 2017Garrett logotype Evolution
December 21, 2016Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2017
October 25, 2016Why Risk It? Choose a trusted manufacturer of turbos
December 28, 2015Take a look at Total Lubricants' News Blog
December 18, 2015Merry Xmas 2015
November 30, 2015New Reman release 753959-9005S
November 22, 2015New Reman release 752990-9007S
November 17, 2015New Reman release 762965-9020S with gaskets set
November 12, 2015New Reman release 753546-9023
November 05, 2015New Reman release 760698-9005S with gaskets set
November 02, 2015New Reman release 763647-9021S
October 26, 2015New Reman release 760700-9004S
October 22, 2015New Reman release 769040-9001S
October 19, 2015New Reman release 765261-9008S with gaskets set
October 15, 2015New Reman release 743436-9003S with gaskets set
October 10, 2015New Reman release 729325-9004S with gaskets set
October 08, 2015New Reman release 4033246RH
October 05, 2015New Reman release 700960-9012S with gaskets set
October 04, 2015New Reman release 4033222RH
September 30, 2015New Reman release 753392-9019S with gaskets set
September 29, 2015New Reman release 4033068RH
September 25, 2015New Reman release 712541-9007S with gaskets set
September 20, 2015New Reman release 728989-9019S
September 16, 2015New Reman release 777251-9002S with gaskets set
September 13, 2015New Reman release 760774-9005S with gaskets set
September 11, 2015New Reman release 725364-9022S with gaskets set
September 05, 2015Turbo replacement procedure for PSA Citroen DV6 Engines
September 04, 2015Turbo replacement procedure for Renault F9Q Engines
July 20, 2015New Reman release 760220-9004S with gaskets set
July 09, 2015Spanish Type Certification
July 06, 2015New Reman release 768331-9003S with gaskets set
June 29, 2015New Reman release 756062-9004S with gaskets set
June 17, 2015New Reman release 728680-9020S with gaskets set
June 15, 2015Don' risk it, the true cost of installing a cheap Turbo
June 12, 2015New Reman release 750080-9019S with gaskets set
June 09, 2015New Reman release 731877-9010S with gaskets set
March 30, 2015New Reman release 4033117RH
March 29, 2015New Reman release 4031079RH
March 27, 2015New Reman release 4033370RH
March 17, 2015New Reman release 727463-9006S with gaskets set
March 16, 2015New Reman release 751851-9004S with gaskets set
February 25, 2015TurboMaster at the Motortec International Fair
February 09, 2015New Reman release 727461-9007S with gaskets set
January 26, 2015New Reman release 742693-9004S with gaskets set
January 01, 2015TurboMaster is the new Hitachi distributor
December 22, 2014Merry Xmas 2014
October 17, 2014New Reman release 5435-955-0009
October 15, 2014New Reman release 5303-955-0144
September 22, 2014New Reman release 753420-9006S with gaskets set
August 11, 2014New Reman release 5435-955-0002
July 20, 2014New Reman release 99173-07508
June 27, 2014New Reman release 767837-9002S with gaskets set
June 26, 2014New Reman release 716665-9003S with gaskets set
June 24, 2014New Reman release 727210-9003S with gaskets set
June 11, 2014New Reman release 727477-9008S with gaskets set
June 09, 2014New Reman release 716885-9005S with gaskets set
June 05, 2014The internal workings of the Holset HE400VG turbo
May 26, 2014The internal workings of the Holset HE200VG turbo
May 20, 2014Turbocharger replacement on a PSA DV6TED4
May 14, 2014New Reman release 708639-9011S with gaskets set
May 12, 2014New Reman release 750431-9013S with gaskets set
May 08, 2014New Reman release 717858-9010S with gaskets set
May 07, 2014New Reman release 756047-9006S with gaskets set
April 30, 2014New Reman release 711009-9003S with gaskets set
April 26, 2014New Reman release 454205-9007S
April 10, 2014TM Sport&Racing at Sema Show 2013 in Las Vegas
February 18, 2014New Reman release 755046-9002S
February 07, 2014New Reman release 720931-9004S
January 27, 2014New Reman release 708366-9005S
January 20, 2014New Reman release 717625-9001S
January 20, 2014New Reman release 717626-9001S
January 14, 2014New Reman release 755507-9009S
December 26, 2013New Reman release 714467-9014S
December 18, 2013Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014
December 17, 2013New Reman release 758219-9003S
December 10, 2013New Reman release 700447-9008S
December 10, 2013New Reman release 750431-9012S
November 11, 2013New Reman release 454135-9010S
October 28, 2013New Reman release 454231-9007S
October 25, 2013New Reman release 454191-9015S
October 17, 2013New Reman release 701855-9006S
October 16, 2013New Reman release 718089-9008S
October 15, 2013New Reman release 768329-9001S
October 14, 2013New Reman release 454231-9010S
October 13, 2013New Reman release 723167-9004S
October 11, 2013New Reman release 454232-9011S
October 09, 2013New Reman release 720855-9006S
October 07, 2013New Reman release 721021-9006S
October 05, 2013New Reman release 709838-9005S
October 04, 2013New Reman release 713672-9006S
October 03, 2013New Reman release 709836-9004S
October 02, 2013New Reman release 802418-9001S
September 30, 2013New Reman release 713673-9006S
September 30, 2013New Reman release 715910-9002S
September 27, 2013New Reman release 724930-9009S for AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN
September 26, 2013New Reman release 708639-9010S for RENAULT, VOLVO and NISSAN
September 24, 2013New Reman release 755042-9003S for FIAT and OPEL
September 05, 2013New Reman release 704361-9006S
June 17, 2013Garrett Reman Turbochargers video
April 25, 2013Garrett Reman Turbos
March 04, 2013Visit us at the 2013 Motortec trade fair in Madrid
December 19, 2012Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013
November 28, 2012New video: How to Install a Turbocharger
November 01, 2012Oil Inlet Pipe Kit
December 22, 2011Merry Christmas & Prosperous 2012
October 19, 2011Turbochargers GTX2863R / GTX2867R / GTX3576R Soon Available
April 11, 2011TurboMaster appointed new distributor for EMEA by Garrett Performance
March 24, 2011Boost Adviser Tool for iPhone and iPad
February 24, 2011TurboMaster at the Trade Fair for Automotive Parts, Equipment and Service Suppliers MOTORTEC 2011
February 18, 2011GTX3071R / GTX3076R / GTX3582R Now Available
December 21, 2010Merry Christmas and prosperous 2011
January 25, 20104L Model Range Obsolescence
December 21, 2009GTX-R Turbochargers by Garrett®
December 18, 2009Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!
September 09, 2009New Gauge 30inHg vacuum to 30psi of boost
September 04, 2009Honeywell Corporate Video
April 20, 2009Mitsubishi Lance Evolution X
December 10, 2008Motortec 2009
February 26, 2008Garrett® Turbocharger Speed Sensor Street Kit
January 31, 2008New TiAL Stainless Steel Turbine Housings
September 20, 2007TurboMaster named new distributor for Holset Spain
January 11, 2007Motortec 2007
October 10, 2006First Parallel Sequential Dual Stage Turbo Tecnology for a 4-Cylinder Engine
September 23, 2006New TiAl V44 wastegates
June 25, 2006Audi - GARRETT winers of 24 hours of Le Mnas
March 31, 2006Garrett 2006 catalog now available
February 01, 2006New Gasket 210662
January 16, 2006Download GARRET booster MAGAZINE
November 12, 2005Gaskets for turbo TOYOTA CT12B 17201-67010
October 29, 2005New Gasket 210650
October 28, 2005Nissan Pathfinder
October 25, 2005Communiqué from HONEYWELL GARRETT®
September 02, 2005New 2005 Catalogs in PDF
July 21, 2005Toyota LandCruiser
July 02, 2005Citroen Picasso HDi
June 25, 2005New Genuine Toyota Actuators
June 22, 2005Seat Arosa Volkswagen Lupo Polo
April 05, 2005Ford Mondeo TD Ci
March 11, 2005Motortec 2005
February 23, 2005Kia Sorento CRDi
December 23, 2004Technical Turbocharger Dictionary
November 18, 2004New Genuine Toyota Cartridges
October 15, 2004New Wastegates By-Pass
October 03, 2004New 320d, M47TU Engine
September 22, 2004TurboMaster - Best distributor of year 2002
September 01, 2004Promotion - Magnet Lables for Gaskets
July 11, 2004New BLOW-OFF valves
June 27, 2004New Nissan Terrano II, Mistral - ZD30ETi Engine
June 07, 2004New Espace y Vel Satis dCi with 3.0/V6 of 175CV engine
June 03, 2004New Opel Signum CDTI and Vectra CDTI 3.0/V6 Engine
June 02, 2004New gaskets for FORD Mondeo TD di duratorq engine
May 10, 2004New Hyundai H100 - 100HP Engine
April 20, 2004New E270 CDI (W211) - OM647 177HP Engine
March 20, 2004New Ford Focus RS - Duratorq 215CV Engine
March 14, 2004New A3 TDI y Golf TDI - 2.0 140CV Engine
February 20, 2004New Renault Mascott - 8140.43S.4000 Engine
January 16, 2004New Smart - Engine M160
November 14, 2003New Gaskets for Megane dCi y Laguna dCi
November 13, 2003New Volvo V70, S80, XC90 - NED5 Euro III 160CV Engine
October 23, 2003New gaskets for Hyundai and Mitsubishi
March 22, 2003New Nissan Almera Di - YD22ED 125HP Engine
October 19, 2002New Suzuki Gran Vitara 16V - DW10ATED4 Engine
August 26, 2002New Rover 75, MG R75 y ZT Turbo - K1800 Engine
June 11, 2002New DAF XF95 - XE315CO Engine
June 10, 2002Substitution cartridge for CT26 for Land Cruiser
April 06, 2002New Ball Bearing Turbo for Racing aplications for 420HP
January 09, 2002New Combine Harvester New Holland CX820 - NH675TA/CA Engine
March 02, 2001New Renault Kangoo - F9Q782 Engine
February 03, 2001New 408 HDI, 607 HDI, C5 HDI - Engine DW12TED4S 136HP
January 12, 2001New Mondeo TD Di - Duratorq Engine
June 23, 2000New BMW 740D - Engine M67D 240HP
January 01, 1988Replacement turbo to Nissan Terrano I - TD27TD Engine


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