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1050 C Turbo (February 01, 2001)

Gasoline engine manufactures are faced with ever-tightening emissions regulations imposed by American, Japanese, and European legislation. To meet future HC and CO limits, and to improve fuel economy, automotive engine manufactures are looking towards running air to fuel ratios near lambda = 1 for full load engine conditions.

Traditionally full load air / fuel conditions have been in the region of lambda = 0.9 to improve maximum engine power output and maintain engine durability. The excess fuel under theses conditions has a cooling effect on the exhaust temperature and has allowed engines to be below 1000 C in exhaust temperatures. The move towards lambda = 1 will remove this fuel cooling effect and will yield exhaust temperatures up to 1050 C.

Today's turbochargers are designed and qualified for existing high temperature gasoline applications. This has been a delicate balance of design, material technology, and cost. The move to 1050 C exhaust temperatures has prompted the Garrett Turbocharging Group to redefine this balance for turbochargers.

Taking advantage of our expertise in materials gained form our large Aerospace divisions and working closely with customer development programs, the Garrett Turbocharging group is well placed to provide turbocharging solutions that are durable up to 1050C exhaust temperatures.

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