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Replacement Parts Certification in Spain (July 09, 2015)

Type approval Questions & Answers

1. Which government agency issued the letter?

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in Spain issued a statement with regards to the type approval.

2. What is the key message of the letter concerning installing of non-certified turbos?

The ministry in Spain explains the issue as such: A drop-in turbocharger represents a so - called ‘reform’ of the vehicle, thus avoiding the vehicle’s type approval unless the turbocharger itself has a valid type - approval or a technical component report. In practical terms, a vehicle with a fitted drop - in turbocharger has to pass an ITV inspection validating the reform.

3. What does it mean in plain language?

If you have someone replacing your turbo with a copy or a turbo which is not specified by the Original Automotive Manufacturer for the type of your car, then you will not have any longer the permission to drive the car on any public road in Spain. Also Germany applies the same approach as Spain.

4. Why are governments raising this issue? Is it consistent with its policy on other components of the vehicle?

The governments have issued the information to raise the awareness of the consequences of installing a non-specified turbo. The individual does not only lose the whole vehicle’s type approval, but also risks high penalties.

5. For distributors and installers, what responsibilities does this letter pose on them?

Their responsibility is to ensure that OE-specified turbos are installed to ensure safety and conformity with emissions regulations. Installers are taking a big risk for themselves as well as their customers when you consider the cost of repetitive warranty repairs or the price customers pay for inefficient engine performance leading to poor fuel economy or emission issues.

6. For drivers who need to have their turbo replaced, what should they do?

Be aware of the risks if you get an offer for a replacement with a cheap turbo, which may contain of poor quality components, which may cause emission non - conformity and lose of type approval.

If you would choose such a drop - in turbo, which was not originally fitted to your car, you would need an individual approval of the entire vehicle including the turbo.

We strongly recommend to a sk the installer for the Original Manufacturer part number for your car. Ask for either a new or a remanufactured Genuine Garrett Turbo or the original Turbo fitted on your car. With a Genuine Garrett turbo, you get original quality components and world - class assembly, guaranteeing performance and reliability.

7. If a non certified turbo is installed, what are the possible negative consequences in terms of vehicle operation and inspection?

During a police control or an inspection , your vehicle is judged as not being type - approved, which may lead to a cancellation of your permission to use the car on public roads. In Spain, infringements are seen as very serious, which may be f ined with 500 €, potentially increased up to 650 €. The Guardia Civil de Tráfico may even put vehicles temporarily out of service.

Why these strong consequences? Because of the risks you take: Failure to meet emissions and possible safety risks.

8. Why is it important to have vehicles on the road equipped with genuine turbo?

The information that a drop-in turbo which is not OE specified requires specific vehicle inspection and permission including parts certification underscores the important role the turbocharger plays in modern powertrain which are engineered to help to reduce emissions and to meet energy efficiency targets.

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