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4L Model Range Obsolescence (January 24, 2010)

Cummins Turbo Technical Bulletin

In November 2007, Cummins Turbo Technologies announced the intention to obsolete 4L product, due to:

  • Falling sales over the past 10 years
  • Increases in the cost of manufacturing low volume parts
  • 4L tooling reaching the end of its lifespan.

All turbochargers in the following model ranges and associated parts are now obsolete: 4LE, 4LEK, 4LEV, 4LF, 4LFK, 4LFV, 4LG, 4LGK, 4LGV, 4LGZ, 4LHR.

As mentioned in previous communications, this Technical Bulletin indicates suggested replacements.

4L Replacement List



54334 3580771
3503044 3530548
3503623 3534685
3503776 No Replacement
3504412 4032054
3504942 4027985 – on test
3521595 4032333
3521598 4032333
3521971 4032312
3522293 4032333
3522346 4032794
3525088 No Replacement
3525143 4027786
3525150 4027786
3525153 No Replacement
3525178 4032312
3527192 3530548
3527751 4032199
3528320 4027071
3545741 4027787

Turbochargers from the original list that do not have a replacement are shown in red.

4L Replacement Turbo from Cummins (Holset)

Replacement Turbochargers

  • Some new turbochargers replace the 4L’s without impact on installation so are ‘drop in’ replacements (others may need alterations to mating items)
  • Modern aerodynamic design offers fuel economy benefits, potentially reducing operating costs
  • Modern improved bearing design gives improved reliability and durability, offering longer turbo life
  • Due to current products being more cost effective to produce many replacement turbochargers will offer a price reduction
  • Current product has better availability thus reducing lead times; many will be ‘off the shelf’
  • Due to improved performance, one HX part number may replace several 4L’s, resulting in less stock held to support customers.


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