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Garrett Re-Invents the T-Series! (March 13, 2006)

How do you get more reability and durability with less need for rebuilding without upgrading your system to a Garrett GT turbo? Upgrade your current T3/T4 or TO4B center cartridge to a patented Garrett Dual Ball-Bearing Cartridge!

Why upgrade?

  • Quality – Using the same OE-based testing that uses for world-renown Garrett GT series turbos, the new center housings upgrades for the T-series turbos are rigorously beaten and pushed to their limits to ensure that they can wear the Garrett badge.
  • Dependability – With a true Garrett dual ball-bearing turbo, there is less need to rebuilding. Garrett dual ball-bearing use less oil and handle pressure more efficiently and effectively than journal bearings. These are the same dual ball-bearing cartridges used in nearly all Garrett Motorsports applications.
  • Easy Installation – All those hours you put into installing, tunning, honing and planning your turbo kit won't have to be double with a complety new turbo. In fact, the installation is as easy as removing your old journal or hybrid-bearing center housing and replacing it with a true Garrett dual ball bearing cartridge. Place your current compressor and turbine housings on, hook up the water line and put it back into your engine bay. You may even use your housings if you have another manufactur's turbo!

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