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Service Information for BMW VNT Turbos 717478-ALL (August 03, 2004)

Please note that Garrett turbos in range 717478 are not longer available for sale. However, we will soon be suplying a new turbocharger to BMW, part number 750431-0009 and this will also be available to the IAM network.

The new turbo uses a different spring in the actuator and BMW have advise us that if replacing any turbo in the 717478 with the new 750431-0009, they recomended a software upgrade to its ECU.

Note: even after changing the old turbo for the new one, the upgrade is non-urgent, something that can be completed at the vehicle’s next scheduled service.

However, we recommend that you contact your own local BMW Technical Service Center for the advice on this upgrade before ordering.

Trevor Cass
Product Support Engineer
Allied Signal Turbocharger Aftermarket


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