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Turbochargers 454126-0001 & -0002 Update (June 08, 2003)

Turbochargers 454126-0001 ( 105HP ) and 454126-0002 ( 125HP ) for Renault Mascott 2.8 Litre.

The CHRA 433289-0096 was launched in November 1998 to replace the earlier 433289-0033 CHRA, in the above turbos. The turbo numbers remained the same. This new CHRA was to reduce the noise made by the turbo and in order to achieve this, we fitted a new and different design of turbine wheel.

The 433289-0033 is no longer available for sale.

The size of earlier and later wheels is different, so this means that the 433289-0096 CHRA will not fit in the place of the 433289-0033 CHRA in older units, any requirement for these should be serviced with a complete new turbocharger, either 454126-0001 or 454126-0002 dependant on engine power rating as above.

Trevor Cass
Product Support Engineer
Allied Signal Turbocharger Aftermarket


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