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Turbochargers 452204-0003 & -0005 Update (June 05, 2001)

The 452204-0005 turbo was launched as a product improvement, by adding a heat shroud to the turbo. It had been found that in service the earlier turbos were suffering from the effects of excessive temperature from the exhaust gases. This was not apparent when the initial matching and testing were undertaken.

The heat shroud helps to overcome these problems.

This means that earlier CHRA 433352-0030 can no longer be supplied by us. Also, because we (and you) are now aware of the potential problems, you should not attempt to repair it. The new CHRA with head shroud is part number 433352-0055 and this will NOT fit into the earlier turbine housings due to the additional clearance needed on the centre housing / turbine housing joint to accommodate the heat shroud.

Therefore, any requirements for CHRA 433352-0030 should be serviced with a complete turbocharger, 452204-0005.

Trevor Cass
Product Support Engineer
Allied Signal Turbocharger Aftermarket


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