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Válvulas Blowoff AlphaQ

Válvulas Blow-Off AlphaQ de Recirculación

TiAL AlphaQ Blowoff Valve
  • For use on turbo-chrarged and super-charged applications (Paxton, Vortec, etc.). The body and all internall components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features a large 1.98 in ( 50.5 mm ) valve.
  • The V-Band design aluminum mounting clamp gives a very clean and unique appearance. The clamp uses Stainless Steel hardware for a long lasting, corrosion-free apearance.
  • The valve seal utilizes a viton O-ring that is clamped in place to prevent the possibility of sticking to the seat and pulling out. The valve stem and guide are Teflon-lubricated, hard anozide-coated for wear resistance.
  • An aluminum or mild steel weld base mounting flange is furnished with each unit. Stainless steel is available an additional cost.
¿Qué contiene la caja?
TiAL AlphaQ BoV side view
  • TiAL Alpha Q BOV assembly
  • TiAL V-Band clamp
  • V-Band weld flange
  • High Pressure O-ring
  • TiAL air fitting
Colores disponibles
Colores disponibles de valvulas TiAL
  • Plata
  • Negro
  • Rojo
  • Azul
  • Púrpura
Presión de Muelles y colores TiAL
Tipo de adaptadores
Materiales de Adaptadores BoV
  • Aluminio
  • 304L Acero inoxidable
  • 1018 Acero
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